User Guide

Getting started

When starting to build Online Surveys, using new software can sometimes get overwhelming. This is why SurveyFoxy has incorporated a completely intuitive and user-friendly interface where you can get started with designing a survey in just one click.

Log into your account and start your Free Online Survey.

Creating a Survey

Let us see How to Create an Online Survey at SurveyFoxy. On the Main Page, in the top right corner is the SIGN-UP button. Create a new account for free or just log in to your existing account. Once you are logged in, on your dashboard, you will find ‘Create Survey’ button that will lead you to our Survey Maker page where you will find the interface with all tools needed to start a new survey. Here, you can choose to start from scratch, with a blank survey, or you can go to our Template Library for professionally pre-designed surveys.

When starting from scratch, you should type the name for your survey and then go to ‘Start Survey’. There you can select your question and the answer type that you would like. Choosing from the menu on the left side, start writing your first question!

You can change the themes of the survey, from the ‘Themes’ tab.

Add a logo by pressing on ‘+ Survey Logo’.

You can accommodate all your questions on one page, or you can split them among two or more pages as you wish.

Under the ‘Settings’ tab, you can add a Header or a Footer, include a password for the survey or customize even further.

Sharing Surveys

After you are done with creating and customizing the survey for your liking, it is time to share it with friends and colleagues! In our intuitive interface, you will see the SHARE option, at the top of the page.

There, a URL will be generated, from where you can just copy it, or press the social media button to directly share it on the social media of your choice.

Showcase your creativity and spread the message by choosing on what websites you would like to share it.

Analyze Surveys

When getting all your friends and target audiences involved and gathering their responses, you need to analyze the success of your survey. All analyzing features are under our TRACK tools, and we are sure you will find the advanced research tool to help you round up all your collected data.

When you are finished with sharing your survey, and you have gathered responses you need, in the top of the page, right after ‘Share’ you have ‘Reports’.

In the Reports section, you will find all the graphs, charts, and reports on different aspects of responses that you received and you can use them to analyze your surveys.

For who is SurveyFoxy Meant?

We ate SurveyFoxy have worked hard to create a visually pleasing, easy-to-use and professionally backed up survey software that is made for EVERYONE. Students, teachers, parents, non-profit organizations, small businesses, corporations, private companies and of course, just the regular everyday people looking to have fun! We made sure everyone can access and easily navigate on the website, and if there are any troubles on the way, our excellent Customer Care department is here to help.

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