Survey Templates

Are you looking for options for the surveys that you want to create? We have some Survey Templates right here which will make your job more easier. Use them and learn on How to Design a Good Questionnaire. Already have an account with us?

Standard Research Survey

Make use of the Standard Research Survey and know more about it. If you are doing online research, sharing the survey with a broader audience, exploring through Research Questionnaire Samples for educational, fun or any other purpose, we have pro quizzes where you can use analytic tools later on to properly examine the collected data.

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Beneficial Surveys

Use the Beneficial Surveys to help you get valuable information from volunteers, donors and the public about current and future plans and actions of your non-profit organization.

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Academic Surveys

Being a student or a professor, you can find Academic Surveys here to help you with your school project, student evaluation, or even possible class planning using the best Survey Questions for Students.

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Celebration Surveys

Event planning can sometimes get complicated, especially when trying to make all the included sides happy. Use these Celebration Surveys to make everything easy by conducting them earlier or after the event.

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Public Opinion Surveys

We’ve got you covered with our Public Opinion Surveys! While doing a Market Research, you need the most effective set of questions and tools to determine the current moods.

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Success Surveys

Do you want to check with your customer how your new product is progressing or is your new ad campaign having any success, Success Surveys can help you make the best decision.

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Internal Satisfaction Surveys

Wanting to know the level of employee satisfaction in your company or employee engagement? Doing an Internal Satisfaction Surveys are the fastest way to get all the necessary information to see how your company is doing internally.

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External Satisfaction Surveys

To verify customer satisfaction with your business, use user-friendly online External Satisfaction Surveys to help improve quality.

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Net Promoter Score Survey

You must have come across the most famous Survey Question, the Net Promoter Score, already. Use this Net Promoter Score Survey template design to get the simple and clear answer on Customer Satisfaction.

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Employment Specific Surveys

Are you conducting an interview for a new position? Or are you interested in employment trends? SurveyFoxy has Employment Specific Surveys that will help you with your questions.

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