Innovative Survey Tools that makes creating your Survey Design fun and user-friendly.


You have the idea of How to Design a Questionnaire. We have the Online Survey Tools. SurveyFoxy offers some of the best Features of Survey:

Multiple surveys

Create and share as many surveys as you wish.

Number of questions

Use as many questions you need to create the perfect survey or a quiz.

Multiple responses

Unlimited number of responses.

Frequently used questions.

We offer 13 types of most used questions.


Pagination, labels, numbering, predesigned surveys.

Multimedia Q’s

Add your photos to questions.


Limit the number of responses your users can give.

Skippers ON/OFF

Allow users to skip questions they want.

Dropdown menus

Intuitive dropdown menus to ease the access.


Users can upload any file to the survey!

AE feature ©

Special feature that enables the user to unify several different tools into one.


Choose a language you would like to use for your survey.

Live progress tracker

Have a progress bar on the top of the page for users to track their progress.

Your logo here!

Design your personalized survey by inserting a logo on the page.


Text formatting, customization of the URL, creating an outro page.

Remove footers

Remove footers from your page for a personalized appearance.

Validator ON/OFF

Disable the option for users to use text in responses that does not meet criteria you have set previously.

Expiration date

Nothing lasts forever, so why would your survey? Set an end date for it.


Do you want to share your surveys with customers and discuss within your team too? Then, we do have the right options for you!


Send invites for participation in the survey by using HTML.

Save As

Choose the format of your saved file: CSV, XLS and PDF.


Vast number of ways to share your survey with an audience by email, social media, embedded links..


Tools for the most advanced research and analysis on collected data from your surveys.

User info

Collect and record user information.


When all necessary answers are collected, the survey will automatically end.

Collecting Filters

Use filters to create pie charts and all types of graphs for best visibility of the collected data.


Print files, from surveys to all created charts and reports.


Any issues with your Questionnaire Design? We are here to help you!


Email, ASAP email reach, premium email and phone support available.

Help Desk

Multilingual support.

Tracker ON/OFF

Track and decode user’s IP and email addresses.

Private ON/OFF

Make your surveys private by using a password and enable IP blocking.

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