Frequently Asked Questions


Why SurveyFoxy?

We are a newly developed website, carefully created to help all people in need of a quick, easy and creative way to design, share and analyze surveys and quizzes. Working on the website, we made sure we are creating something we would be the first ones to enjoy to use and choose. The team that is located across the world, all from different backgrounds, had a mutual vision to put something out there that will be affordable, easy and FUN to use. Using our website will be an experience you will gladly look back to and one that you will gladly come back to. You have our promise!

Is it free?

At SurveyFoxy, you have several Pricing Plans to choose from. Good news: We have a free pricing plan! As affordability was one of our main goals when creating SurveyFoxy, our free plan called Red Fox has more than enough tools and features for all beginners or those just wanting to test out the website before taking the plunge and going for our premium plans.


How do I go about creating a survey?

Once you log into your account, you will find a Create Survey option. After going to that page, you will be able to write your own questions and create a personalized survey.

Can I customize the survey?

Yes! Go check our Features page and you will see the entire list that will help you create a completely unique survey.

I am in a rush. Are there any templates I could use?

Our Templates Library is equipped with professionally pre-designed surveys that will match any subject you have for your survey. Customer opinion, non-profit organization data collecting, school projects, and many more. We have it all!


Can I share my survey on social networks?

Our SHARE section offers tools to help you share your survey on the network you would like to share the created survey, or just, share on all of them!

Where am I able to share my survey?

After creating a survey, you will have a generated URL of the survey, so with a simple copy option, share it any or all networks you wish.


After I collect the answers, is there a way to create reports of the responses?

Yes! After each respondent finishes your survey, right next to it, on your dashboard, you have a ‘Reports’ button where you will be able to see the reports of the responses.

Are there any graphs and charts for my analysis?

Once you access our ‘Reports’ page, you will be welcomed with easy-to-navigate charts that will visually represent the responses you got to your survey.


I don’t like the color and theme of the default survey. Am I able to change it?

When you choose to create your survey, right next to ‘Editor’ you will have a section named ‘Themes’. There you can see all the amazing themes SurveyFoxy has ready for you.

Can I add my own picture or logo on the survey?

Yes, you can! In Settings, you will find a ‘Customize’ section where you will have an option to add your own picture.


Can I make my survey private?

In some of our plans, there is a possibility to put a password on the survey, thus making it private.

I am lost. Can I get some help?

Of course! Check our live chat so you can get in touch with our Customer Care that is always here to assist you when needed.